V súvislosti s aktuálnou situáciou zverejňujeme spoločný list od prezidenta a CEO FIDIC-u v pôvodnom znení.

“FIDIC has observed the coverage of the Russian military action in the Ukraine. We have member associations in both countries representing consulting engineering businesses operating in those markets.

“FIDIC has expressed its deepest sadness and concern for the people of the Ukraine through our national member association AECU, a copy of which is attached here. This military intervention is causing death and injury to the people of Ukraine as well as trauma, family separation and homelessness for many of its citizens and the destruction of peoples’ homes and their livelihoods. The military action will also inevitably damage the critical infrastructure on which the people of Ukraine and its economy rely and the international economic sanctions against the Russian government will also have a negative impact on the businesses and people of Russia.

“FIDIC urges for the immediate cessation of this intervention and sees such military action as being totally contrary to FIDIC’s objectives and the values our members stand for and uphold.

“We hope and pray for the people of Ukraine, for our member association in Ukraine, the Association of Engineers-Consultants of Ukraine (AECU), all its staff and their families and hope that they will stay safe and that hostilities will end immediately.

“FIDIC offers its support to the AECU and the Ukrainian people and we stand ready to give whatever assistance we are able to give.”

FIDIC will continue to monitor how the Russian government’s military invasion of Ukraine unfolds over the coming weeks and we will respond further if considered appropriate.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Barry
President, FIDIC
Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE
Chief Executive, FIDIC