About SACE

SACE (Slovak Association of Consulting Engineers) is an interest grouping of corporate entities established in 2003, in accordance to §20f et seq. of the Civil Code as amended. Purpose of SACE establishment is to support consulting engineering activities and mutual coordination of consulting companies in the Slovak Republic. There are presently registered 21 full members and 4 honorary members in SACE.

SACE as a FIDIC member association has an exclusive right to represent the Slovak Republic in the FIDIC association. As such, only SACE and its member companies are entitled to use FIDIC logo at their documents. SACE closely cooperates with FIDIC organisation.


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Consulting activity

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Dispute adjudication

Mission and vision

  • Represent SACE and its members in Slovakia and abroad, cooperate with our stakeholders in order to improve business environment

  • Support SACE member’s interests

  • Support and sustain corresponding importance of social and material recognition of providing consulting engineering services

  • Enforce and require professionalism and quality of consulting services provided by member as well as other consulting companies

  • Promote the use of FIDIC General Contract Conditions, organise seminars, training workshops and conferences

  • Promote and enforce observance of standard ethic and integrity principles defined by FIDIC in execution of consulting services

  • Actively cooperate with partnership associations in the other countries and by various means ensure the mutual exchange of professional knowledge and information

  • Enforce the principles of social and environmental responsibility in the consulting engineering practice

  • Establish discussion forum regarding positions and solutions of actual problems connected with execution of consulting engineering practice

  • Act as a partner towards related professional associations, eventually civic associations, unions, political bodies/ government and municipal organizations

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